We are a professional translation agency that is specialized in foreign language services for the industry and technology – faithful ever since to the quality vision of our company founder, Dott. Matt Fischer.
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Our Language Translation Services

Language Services for Industry and Engineering

We provide successfully language services for industry and engineering for many decades. The core of our high-quality language services are technical translations. Another core competency is single and multilanguage terminology work, so that our technical translators understand your product from the start and your company-specific technical terms are used coherently. Due to the prominent role of English in the manufacturing field, we use our technical English skills to write for you also technical documentation in English. We translate User’s Manuals and, of course, all other kinds of documents that are related to industrial companies.

Translations into all languages of the world

We are proud to offer you translations into all languages of the world . In doing so, we draw on native technical translators worldwide, who comply with our strict quality standards. To this end we make use of an internal Quality Management System that complies with the standard for Language Service Providers, ISO 17100. Accordingly, our Quality Management System requires that our translators learned their trade verifiably and have extensive experience in the field of technical translation.

Translations for all technical domains

A Language Service Provider that makes translations for all domains of technology works inherently with the best. Our native technical translators with long-standing experience are required to acquire all the necessary knowledge of your industry and product, which means to master all relevant technical terms concerning your specific product prior to translate a technical text into the target language.

About nexus | MLS

In 1987, «nexus» started as a professional translation service for technical translations in a few language combinations. From the beginning the accurate compilation of the company-specific technical terms was at the center of our language services. Thus it is not surprising that still today technical terminology is one of our strengths. Since 1993 Translation Management Systems are part of the tools we use. Back then the company purchased for their customers the first Translation Memory System, the Translation Manager TM/2®, which had been launched by IBM® only shortly before. Since 1997 Technical Writing completes our company’s services around the Technical Documentation.

Top quality translations made easy

Unsatisfied with either cheap and bad – or good, but expensive translation services? Annoyed with ensuring the quality of a diverse crew of free-lance translators all by yourself? Struggling to convey the information from your engineers to your team of translators? We are here to lend you hand!

Qualified translators

Everything starts with native-language professional translators that have the required education and a lot of experience in their fields of specialization.

Translate your products into language

Your Engineers and Developers think in terms of logics and mathematics. Translators think in terms of language. We bridge the gap through terminology.

Dual control principle

One of the main requirements of ISO 17100 is that a translation is not only made by one translator, but also proofread by a second one. An appropriate infrastructure makes this process cost and time-efficient.

After translation is before translation

By providing translations in all your required languages, all know-how is acquired once and brought to bear fruit many times. We grow with every project – much to the advantage of quality and cost-effectiveness.

Our Language Services

We make technical translations for all domains of technology and into all languages of the world. Besides Operating Instructions, Maintenance Manuals, Product Specifications and Data Sheets we carry out, of course, high-quality translations of a series of other document types, such as patents, specialist articles, training material, etc. We are equally versed in software localization and website localization.

There is good reason that, as a Language Service Provider, we specialize in translations for industry and engineering. The specialization in technical translations is part of our quality concept. High-quality translations make technical documents such as User’s Manuals, Operating Instructions, Manuals etc., that describe your product, intelligible to users in those countries and languages, where your systems and processes are used.

In terms of your business workflow, the authoring of technical documentation is the link between your Engineering Department and whatever translator(s) you engage, because the technical writer transforms the technical knowledge of your engineers into language. The technical author makes sure that the right terminology is used. By supplying you both technical documentation and technical translations we make the process more cost and time-efficient.

In addition to purely technical translations, industrial companies need, of course, also legal translations, such as the translation of contracts, patent issues, etc. For this purpose we collaborate, of course, with legal translators that have a pertinent specialization.

Quality Management System according to ISO 17100

As a professional translation service we attach importance to the fact that our translations are made by appropriately trained technical resp. legal translators. To this effect we rely on an internal Quality Management System that complies with the requirement of the standard for Language Service Providers ISO 17100. Translation software is used to support human translation processes, like through the use of Translation Memory Systems that are customary in the trade, and which store for a later customer-specific re-use human translations after they were released.